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Welcoming Address by Director
Korea is undergoing a rapid change as it tries to adopt the open-door policy, to work side-by -side with other advanced nations, and be a part of today's information super highway. Korea is now experiencing even further changes in information technology industries and health care system.

In order to remain competitive in each professional field, one needs to obtain the latest, the most up-to-date information to appropriately manage and utilize them.
  Especially professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where tons of new information are coming out each year, need to develop a way to efficiently digest and utilize these new information.

 Because of easy access to the information network and very affordable information media, each person can easily obtain information unlike before. However, currently the medical professionals are not actively taking advantage of them and utilization of drug information service is far below that of the advanced countries.

 Drug therapy is an integral part of medical treatment and the success of drug therapy lies in knowing accurate information about drugs and appropriately utilizing them. Thus, utilization of drug information by the health care professionals has a direct impact on the quality of medical treatment.
In order for the health professionals to appropriately utilize necessary drug information, pharmacists with expertise in drug therapy need to provide such information.

 With this very thought in mind, the very first campus-based drug information center, Drug Information Research Institue was established in order to provide fast and accurate drug information service to pharmacy students, educators, practitioners and researchers in nation.

We will be always pleased to serve you with most reliable and accurate information contents and technologies.

September 1, 2010

Jung Hwan Cho, Ph.D.
Director, Drug Information Research Institute.

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